Thursday, June 28, 2018

32 Lunches - Day 32, Dec. 31: Salmon salad + chicken pasta on Flight MU208

I remember us bringing some leftover stir-fried beef + rice to the airport to eat for lunch while waiting for our flight to the Philippines, but I don't have a photo of it. So, for this project, Day 32 lunch is the meal I had on the plane on the China Eastern Airlines flight from Toronto to Shanghai. I don't really remember what I had but this looks like chicken and pasta with red sauce + steamed vegetables on the side, salmon salad, and cut fresh fruit for dessert. I also had some warms rolls with butter (though the rolls aren't in the photo).

I'm finally done! 32 Lunches Project finally completed. I do hope I find (make?) time to blog more in the future. Have a good summer! :)

32 Lunches - Day 31, Dec. 30: Beef stir-fry + homemade siomai (dumplings) + fried pork chops

This was the last meal I cooked in Canada for 2017. We flew to the Philippines the next day (New Year's Eve) for a 3-week vacation.

L-R: Homemade pork & shrimp siomai from previous day's dinner, stir-fried beef (with bell peppers, onions, and spinach), and leftover fried porkchops

32 Lunches - Day 30, Dec. 29: Baked cod fillets + sauteed bokchoy

Some "clean" home-cooked food to "detox" from all the "unhealthy" & processed food we've been eating the days prior. :D

32 Lunches - Day 29, Dec. 28: Leftover roast chicken and pepperoni pizza

So we got back to Canada around dinnertime of Dec. 27. We just bought some chicken and pizza from Costco, had them for dinner on Dec. 27, and had enough leftovers for lunch on Dec. 28.

pepperoni pizza

roast chicken from Costco

I sauteed some peppers, as a side for the chicken.

32 Lunches - Day 28, Dec. 27: Leftover steak + hard-boiled eggs

We drove back to Canada from New Jersey on December 27th and had lunch on the road in the car. Tita O packed us a lunch of leftover prime rib (from noche buena), sauteed onions, hard-boiled egg, and rice. Sarap!