Tuesday, May 31, 2011

other food we've been eating this month

home-cooked sinigang na salmon sa miso, using Knorr Sinigang Mix

custard (leche flan!) and tiramisu KitKat
I love how there's a variety of KitKat flavors in Japan!

Ronjie cooks pork steak for us
no kalamansi in Japan so he uses bottled 100% lemon juice

we had canned laing (ordered from Ajian Bussan) and banana with the pork steak

chicken teriyaki pizza
we often have oven toaster-ed pizza for breakfast:)
The Japanese are big on corn, they have it on a lot of their food.

chicken afritada (na mukhang natuyuan na naman, ehehe)
I used Del Monte Quick n Easy Afritada Sauce.
(What would I do without those instant mixes & sauces?!)

strawberry yogurt :)

we always have chocolate chip cookies in the apartment :9
best with warm milk :)

black cookie KitKat
tastes like Oreo cookies! :)

beef with broccoli from scratch! (using a recipe from homecookingrocks.com)
and Knorr Nido Oriental Style soup :D (just add one egg! plok!)

Monday, May 30, 2011

LEGO clickbrick in Mylord mall

Buzz Lightyear!

Toy Story display

more Toy Story

SpongeBob SquarePants

Harry Potter

Winnie the Pooh and friends

May 29

It was rainy the whole day. We began our Sunday with the 9:30am Japanese mass in Atsugi Catholic Church, went around downtown after, and then visited ニトリ (Nitori), a furniture and household goods store (like IKEA), for some stuff for the bedroom. And then grocery-shopping before heading home for the evening. Photos of our Sunday:

drooling by the Godiva display =p~
in the basement supermarket in the Hon-Atsugi train station

she was preparing croissants

fresh fruit shakes

Ronjie got hungry so we had mid-morning snacks in MOS Burger.

cool 3-way sink!
Dito lang ako nakakita ng ganito.

ice candy for sale in Muji

I mutated into a crab!

late lunch at Ronjie's favorite ramen place
hot noodle soup is perfect for a cold, rainy day!

top bowl is mine, bottom is Ronjie's
our orders were almost the same, my soup was just a bit thicker


on the bus to ニトリ!

There was a typhoon coming in the evening so we went straight home after doing the groceries (after our trip to Nitori), canceling plans to have dinner at CoCo Curry House. Typhoon Songda a.k.a. Typhoon Chedeng, which just came from the Philippines, was on its way here. We had some pork marinating at home so we decided on that for dinner.

pork grilling

atchara to go with the pork

lettuce, cucumber and Bacos salad to start off our 3-course dinner

yummy pork barbecue! :9

avocado with condensed milk for dessert :)

Thank you, Lord, for another good day! :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chai's tuna pasta

Last week, I made another dish from scratch! Tuna pasta using a recipe my friend Chai gave me. Improvised a bit on the ingredients but it turned out well naman. Happy tummy again! :)

used this instead of Century Tuna

tadaaa! :)
Chai's recipe used angel hair pasta but since spaghetti was what was available in the kitchen (I used some for the laksa), I used spaghetti noodles instead.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

isaw baboy in Atsugi

For dinner last night, we tried this yakiniku place recommended by O-san: だるま (Daruma home/house). O-san also accompanied and did the ordering for us. The place's specialty was ホルモン (horumon) a.k.a. isaw baboy. :D

Everything was good. I loved the freshness of the meat and vegetables. Ended the evening lip-licking busog-ly happy. :)

Daruma home/house

red lanterns outside
Red lanterns are usually displayed outside an izakaya, a popular, informal, casual "Japanese drinking establishment which also serves food to accompany the drinks."

O-san & R-love busy with the menu

pillow design

collapsible low tables

tuna salad to start off the evening

gyuuniku (beef) and toriniku (chicken)

beef, chicken and squid

assorted veggies

dipping sauces

butaniku (pork), butatan (pork tongue) and tamanegi (onions)

horumon (pig's large intestines) and chicken thigh fillets

more horumon shots

chewy and tasty! :9