Wednesday, February 29, 2012

other February food & cooking experiments

steak (seasoned with this steak & chops spice we got from Momma)
& mixed fruits for dessert

pork barbecue served with tofu with peanut-ginger sauce

chicken adobo (I used a different recipe this time) na nilagyan ko ng saba

chicken karaage from the supermarket

(didn't turn out as good as I hoped, but well, you can't go wrong with bacon!)

sweet & sour pork, using Momma's recipe

pork sinigang (used a sinigang with gabi mix)

beef with broccoli, enoki mushrooms & garlic stalks

homemade burgers

grilled salmon & vegetables, with miso soup
for the 2 lower pieces of salmon, I used this Asian grilled salmon recipe 

canned Thai mangoes for dessert
(we ate these with cream)

parmesan-crusted chicken with blanched broccoli

spaghetti bolognese
(we were able to buy tomato paste from a Filipino store)

seafood paella

macaroni bolognese (using leftover sauce) with garlic bread

sardines with onions, which we had with cucumber-tomato salad

tempura from 7-11 :)

nakabili rin kami ng misua so I made almondigas (using Momma's recipe)

sandwiches for lunch

ham & cheese

I recently learned how to make easy egg sandwiches so been having a lot of those. :)


tomato-egg-cheese sandwich
which I had for lunch on Ash Wednesday

salami-egg-cheese-tomato-cucumber :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 29

Was supposed to share this photo which my husband took a couple of days ago
to show that spring is just around the corner. These are some cherry trees in Ronjie's school. The flowers are starting to bloom already. :)

I'm so looking forward to spring! The cold winter weather is difficult to get by with every day. I'm looking forward to lighter clothes and not having to look like a Michelin guy everyday, all bundled up in my layers of warm clothing and jackets. I want to be able to be excited again about getting out of the apartment. And of course, I can't wait to see the cherry blossoms and experience sakura season for the first time.

I've been counting the days to spring and anticipation would increase each day, when the temperature would rise a degree or so. But when I woke this morning, this was what I saw:

Snowfall! It's fun to watch, but I wouldn't want to get out of the apartment in this weather. Ronjie says snowfall in Atsugi last year was never as heavy as this one today. The wind was strong, too. Haay. So much for starting to count the days to spring. Maybe tomorrow will be a warmer day.

P.S. Just also want to share this beautiful short by Filipino filmmaker Lance Katigbak:

Enjoy your February 29! This happens only once every 4 years! :D

February breakfasts and snacks

Making mornings and snack time fun! :)

nilagang saba

ham & 2-cheese pizza

Bourbon biscuits
(parang digestive with chocolate)

cinnamon-flavored french toast
(click the photo to link to the recipe I used)

microwaved popcorn during Valentine's Day movie night in the apartment :D 
oven toastered supermarket-bought ham & cheese pizza

leftover Anthony's pepperoni pizza from Kuya G & Ate R's baby shower

trying out strawberry milk
(found it too sweet)

toast with butter/cream cheese & mango jam

(clockwise from top-left: with bananas, with strawberries, with bananas & strawberries, with walnuts)

mixed nuts
(check out the huge cornick!)

toast with butter/cream cheese & blueberry jam

salami & green pepper pizza

chocolate chip cookies! :9