Sunday, January 30, 2011

random food photos

December and January were really busy! Wasn't able to blog as I had been preparing for a wedding--mine! :) Got married just over a month ago to Ronjie, a wonderful, huggable man. *gigil*

Anyway, after all the craziness of wedding preparations, the wedding day itself, honeymooning, living the first few weeks as a married person, sending off my husband as he leaves for another time zone (1-hour lang naman ang Manila-Japan time difference), going back to my parents' house, returning to my day job, and again getting used to Skype dates with Ronjie, my life is now sort-of back to its normal pace. :) May routine na ulit. At least for the next month or two... until the craziness of preparing for changes starts again. I'm moving to Japan in a couple of months! :) Stay tuned for that next chapter of my life. :)

Back to my blog! I just finished posting my antedated (hehe!) December 2010 entries! And to start off 2011, here are some food shots I ended up collecting in the past couple of months.

tea from Mela :)

(I like having tea for merienda in the office.)

dates from Momma

(She bought them from an Arabian guy in a bazaar somewhere.)

Davao pomelo from Ms. Marily

persimmon from Momma

strawberries from Mela, who summitted Mt. Pulag a few weeks ago

(Mt. Pulag is STILL on my bucket list. Haay.)

nadurog na cookies (from Ronjie) + Dilmah tea (from Roy) for merienda

luto ng asawa ko ♥

Thank you, Tita Ondet for the hotdogs! Ronjie was a houseband for 2 weeks. He cooked a couple of Nathan's hotdogs for me to make baon to work. :D Found it extra yummy dahil luto ni Ronjie. (Well, he actually just microwaved them, BUT STILL!)

tomato-and-two-cheese quesadilla made by me :D yum!