Saturday, March 31, 2012

March food: Week 5

instant noodles from the 100-yen store
(got this for ¥105--inclusive of tax--for 2 cups)

oatmeal with Milo :D

fried pork chops
 with canned camansi

I used dried parsley--nasobrahan yata, mukhang pesto tuloy :/

grilled salmon with corn on the side

homemade pizzas for breakfast again!
top: hotdogs, ham & green peppers
bottom: ham & green peppers

burgers in English muffins

(I used sukiyaki-cut beef)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March food: Week 4

and monggo with ampalaya

oatmeal with peaches

papaya (from the Philippines!)

pininyahang manok (using a recipe from Del Monte Kitchenomics)

oatmeal with bananas

beef kare-kare (using Mama Sita kare-kare mix) with bagoong alamang

ham & cheese pizza (from the supermarket)

beef with bean sprouts and pechay (used this recipe and substituted vegetables)

spaghetti puttanesca with cheese pizza from the supermarket

junkfood :D

tuna lumpia with sweet & sour chili sauce which we got from an Asian food store
 with grilled eggplant with tomatoes, onions & bagoong alamang

Marie biscuits

Mi Sedaap instant noodle soup from the Asian food store
tasted like regular instant noodle soup but with some curry

peaches & oranges with yogurt

pork tocino with fried egg and hash browns
naging parang bacon na yung tocino because the cut was really thin

mayonnaise-marinated grilled chicken with green beans with capers
(made these both already a few months ago) 

brown paper doggie

Last March 22 was Pow's 4th death anniversary. I remember how full of energy & how malambing he was. I miss him.

Found a dog origami tutorial and made a brown paper dog in remembrance of Pow. (Origami tutorial here. Click 'Fold more models' then 'Origami Now!' then select from there.)

On another note, here are some new spring blooms in Atsugi. No idea what kind of flowers they are but they're pretty. :)
photo by Ronjie

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mutts 120320

March food: Week 3

hotdog & cheese (& green pepper) pizza

(first heard of this from my friend Jill, and she shared a simple recipe; I used a different one, though)

chicken arroz caldo with hard-boiled egg
(based on this recipe & my mother-in-law's recipe)

Lucky Me Pancit Canton (kalamansi flavor)

pork with eggplants & tofu
(using this recipe, except I halved the amount of eggplants, doubled the pork, and added tofu)

oven toastered supermarket-bought margherita pizza



pork sisig with egg (using Mama Sita sisig mix)

 salami & cheese sandwich with cucumber sticks

beef & 3-mushroom stroganoff (I used this recipe)
shiitake mushrooms, cremini mushrooms & button mushrooms

 cucumber sticks with mayo-ketchup dip

microwaved takoyaki from the konbini

canned sardines from the 100-yen store

canned fruit cocktail


Pokemon instant noodle soup :D

pork sinigang (using Mama Sita sinigang mix)

oranges+frosted cornflakes+honey+yogurt

Sunday tabehodai dinner at Kusina ni Sarah
L-R (top): chicken sopas & paksiw na pata
L-R (bottom): laing, okoy, ginisang ampalaya & bopis
(the tabehodai set included 1 complimentary non-alcoholic drink so I had a glass of orange juice)
turon & camotecue for dessert