Friday, November 21, 2008

E-mail backlog

I have very limited internet access in the office so I get to check my personal e-mails (and do www surfing and blog-browsing) only when I get home from work (except for the occasional e-mail reading I do through Yahoo Go and GMail Mobile :D). However, since I almost always just go straight to sleep when I see my bed, my mail piles up, just enough to keep me occupied on a Saturday morning.

Sharing a couple of sites I recently visited:
Doing journalism with nuns - a blog entry by Sandra Aguinaldo of GMA News
Why we spend the way we spend - “People’s complex behaviors towards money defy economic theory."

This afternoon, I'm making Christmas cards with some kids. :) I still have a lot of unread mail; I'll get back to them tonight. :D

Mutts comic strip last November 3:

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  1. wow. e-mail backlog? and yet you were able to set-up an adsense account! :-D