Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 13

I spent most of yesterday at home. :D Breakfast was banana bread and green tea-milk tea. The tea tasted like nori. Hmm..

green tea-milk mix from Mimmy, from Taiwan :)

It was a pretty much activity-less day. I actually wasn't feeling well so I spent the early afternoon sleeping and reading. I finished a book! 'Stargirl' by Jerry Spinelli :) Nice, nice - I liked it. It's young adult fiction in the point of view of a high school boy.

Caught the Novo Concertante's European Tour send-off concert in the evening. They'll be going to Austria, Germany, and Spain for a couple of competitions in July. They sang some Spanish and German songs, including one of their competition pieces (dunno of any are posted on YouTube); some Filipino folk and pop love songs, arranged by various members of the group; and even a Beatles song, arranged by one of the tenors. *crossing fingers that they come home with prizes* Late dinner after at Shrimps Ahoy! in Harbor Center(?). (I had fish and chips, which I didn't enjoy. Parang may weird taste yung fish.)

Happy Sunday today! :)

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