Sunday, June 13, 2010

Talking Tongues

Sixteen month-late blog post! :D

Day before Valentine's in 2009, after work, Ronjie and I had dinner at Talking Tongues, along San Agustin Street in Salcedo Village, Makati. The place was very near his then-office. I think it had just opened then, so we decided to check it out. That evening, around 9:00pm, we were the only customers in there, the seats were comfortable, the music was relaxing (actually, I don't remember na how the music was like then, hehe), and the lighting was warm... perfect ambience for a cozy dinner with your beloved.

They serve Chinese-Indonesian food... which tasted good! :9 The interiors were interesting, too. My rating scale for the things I blog about are: Try it, Don't waste your time (and money) on it, or Only try it if you're not paying. Talking Tongues is definitely a Try it! :) Some photos from my phone camera:

Indonesian idols?

they revere beer bellies?


noodle soup is my comfort food!

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