Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday at home

Spent today at home (missed visiting my grandparents) because my right eye was still itchy when I woke up. (It's not anymore now, yay!)

I did all the usual stuff...

I watched "Ded na si Lolo" (Funny! If you're doing research on the different pamahiins and bawals during a wake/burial, watch this.) and Facebooked and read blogs after. And "window-shopped" stuff online (clothes, books, airline tickets, footwear, bags).

I read the newspaper. (I still prefer the smelly newsprint newspaper I can hold and fold and flip.)

I read a book. (Same goes with books, I like holding paper. :D Paper books over e-books any day! I'm not really environment-friendly this way. :( *sniff*) The particular book I read today was about my province, Pangasinan.

The author is my sister's client - when he found out that our family had roots in Pangasinan, he was so thrilled he excitedly gave my sister a signed copy of his book. "Tales from the Land of Salt" by Emmanuel Sison is a collection of stories and legends from and about Pangasinan. I enjoyed reading about the datus, deities, and pre-colonial Philippines. I had to recall all those sibika at kultura lessons from my elementary days. (An activity which I enjoyed - nakakatuwa malaman that I still remembered school lessons from 15-20 years ago!) Finished just 3 stories so far (around 1/4 of the collection); I'll probably be writing more about it in the coming days as I progress with the book. :)

I napped. I sleep!

I ate. :D Was snacking on barquillos the whole day. Yum. (Kulang na lang ice cream.) And when my sister got home from her weekend trip, I snacked on the mashed potatoes and pork & beans she brought with her. Yum yum. (Homemade!) It was heavy and filling. :9

Also thought of going for a walk/jog around the neighborhood but my laziness won over my drive to get some sun and exercise. :D Maybe next weekend. :)

Mutts 110327

Bedtime! Good night :)

(Manic Monday ulit bukas.)

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