Saturday, December 10, 2011

new taqueria in town

(Apologies for the orange-y photos with with the annoying vertical and horizontal lines.)

Hermanos Taco Shop is located along Granada St. (Gilmore St.?) in Quezon City in the Petron compound right beside those famous stalls selling capiz shell parols. I tried this place last month when Tita O (an aunt based in New Jersey) was in town; it's just a few steps from the condominium building we were staying in.

The taqueria looks relatively new, maybe a few months' old. And their food, I loved. :9 Definitely coming back here soon, most likely in a few days' time, when my husband arrives. I'll take better photos then to share with you all. :)

Tita O tried their carne asada burritos

I tried their shredded beef tacos

parols for sale!

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