Tuesday, January 17, 2012

back in Atsugi

I'm back in Japan! Got back last week and I'm still trying to get used to the much colder weather over here.

I took the Cathay Pacific flight from Manila to Haneda (layover in Hong Kong for an hour or two). Was lucky enough to get upgraded to business class for the MNL-HKG leg. (Thank you, Cathay Pacific!) Whee! I've always flown economy class; this was my first time to fly business class. Loved the service and extra legroom! :)

Ronjie and I walked around downtown last weekend. Brrrr! It's really cold here! Single digit temperature most days; I usually wear 4 layers of clothes. (Missing Manila already!) The weather is good for sleeping in and staying at home. Not many people on the streets these days.

This is the now-leafless batibot tree in Cheerful Park. Looks kinda gloomy without any green.

Sidewalk flowers! These look like cabbages. (I wonder that they are.) I'm also starting to see pansies all over the place again. :) Photos of those in upcoming blog posts.

Woke up late last Saturday (plus, I forgot to set the alarm) so I missed Nihongo class. :D I'm blaming the weather. Sarap matulog! At nakakatamad lumabas ng bahay. This Saturday, papasok na talaga ako. And I'll tell you about it. :) Hope I didn't miss much.

A few more weeks of winter to go! Already looking forward to spring!

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