Saturday, January 3, 2009

Spanish bread and hot chocolate morning

I woke up today to a cool Manila morning. :) Mom left some Spanish bread for breakfast so I heated a couple and prepared some hot chocolate before I read the morning news. (Aside, hot chocolate and hot cocoa are apparently different, according to I still prefer using 'hot chocolate' though.)

I learned from Tita Moje that hot chocolate is better if you drop a small piece broken off a dark chocolate bar into your drink. Didn't have dark chocolate so I tried milk chocolate. (Stole some from my brother's stash of Droste. Hehe.) It didn't have the same effect though--dark chocolate is better, it makes your mug of hot chocolate richer; no noticeable effect with milk chocolate (maybe I should have put in more?) but I enjoyed my drink anyway. Yum.

Ever wonder why Spanish bread is named such? I know a naughty explanation pero yun ba talaga? Anyone who knows, please leave a comment. I googled na, but got nothing. However, I came across a blog with step-by-step instructions (and photos!) on how to make Spanish bread, here. Spanish bread kanina was from Fortune Bakeshop, maybe someday when I'm more adventurous (and less lazy) I'll try my hand at homemade Spanish bread.

hand-painted plate by Charina, mug from kumpareng Chris and kumareng Clarisse :)


  1. Temperature last Jan.3 was 19 degrees Celsius!

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