Saturday, May 8, 2010

new things this week :)

I found this moisturizer sachet and tried it. My regular brand is Myra E's facial moisturizer (because it's the cheapest! :D); I found this Seaweed Day Cream of Body Shop good, it felt better than Myra E's. I wonder how much it retails for though.

Japanese junkfood! From one of the bosses in the office - pasalubong galing Japan. I liked the bits which were wrapped in nori. Cute! They all tasted the same naman, parang rice crackers.

nori-wrapped junkfood bit, up-close

Healthy living! Papaya for dessert. :) Everyday diet is normally protein and carbohydrates (rice + pork/beef/chicken ulam), so the vitamins, minerals, and fiber from papaya were a welcome addition to my system.

sweet papaya :)

Finished the last couple of sets of Hiragana characters in class earlier today:

I now know how to write my name in Hiragana! (I'm not sure though if I'll be using my nickname in Japan; it apparently is slang for *toot!* Interesting. Naaaliw ako whenever I find out that Mara means something negative in other languages/cultures, i.e. Buddhism. I like that my nickname has character. Dito sa Pinas, the word 'Mara' is most known as just the name of main character in that long-running, Judy Ann Santos-starring soap Mara Clara.)