Friday, May 21, 2010

Rachelle's pineapple project

My officemate Rachelle is growing (of all things!) a pineapple in the office. It looks like it's growing beautifully naman. Seems like the cool, air-conditioned environment in our work area is conducive to pineapple growth. :)

Rachelle's pineapple (foreground) & Sir Rico's pineapple

The seedling/leaves/stem/whateveryoucallit is from a pineapple which she and her family grows in their weekend farm in Cavite. Composting soil was used for this, and so there are other greens/weed-like growths beside the pineapple.

Nainggit yung isang officemate, si Sir Rico, kaya nagtanim din siya ng sarili niyang pineapple. His pineapple's growth is stunted though (bonsai pineapple!) kasi the 'pot' he's using is really shallow. Kawawa naman yung roots, hindi maka-stretch.

Sir Rico's pineapple

Will update you on the pineapples' progress in the following weeks. Stay tuned!

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