Sunday, August 1, 2010

food blessings last week

The best things in life are free - like free food!

meron palang Black Forest Gardenia bread! yummy combination of chocolate and cherries :)

green smiley cake :) Happy Birthday to me!

pasalubong from Tagaytay, from Ate Ainna - thank you!

Rachelle shared some bananas from her family's farm in Cavite.
Cute tiny bananas, parang seƱorita but smaller (that's a 1-peso coin so you can see how small)

kasuy from Coron, pasalubong from Anna - thanks!
(brings back wonderful memories of Coron and Calauit. I shall return!)

dala ng boss ko, pang-merienda. Sarap!! :9

endearmint from Fish & Co. :D

I ♥ chocolates! These are from Tita Moje naman. :)

Taiwan snacks from Mimmy :D
Brings back still wonderful memories of Taiwan :)

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