Saturday, October 30, 2010

random October food

hard, biscocho-like multi-grain bread which my officemate gets for free in the gas station he goes to

ampalaya (bitter gourd) with egg

peanuts from our household help - her family grows them in Masbate

dinakdakan in Panggo's

breakfast in Atsugi: homemade sausage and cheese "pizza"

ice cream mochi

ramen dinner in Asakusa

takoyaki balls in Yoyogi Park

DL 172 breakfast: sausage, eggs & potatoes
DL173 dinner: beef teriyaki

back home in Manila! tinolang manok with malunggay leaves

merienda of Good Shepherd ube jam (Thanks, Erica!) and milk

I ♥ chocolate! I ♥ IKEA!
(also love how Swedish words are so fun to pronounce)
Pasalubong from Ronjie - bilis naubos nito! I think I finished all three in a week!

instant noodles (from Japan) for merienda

hotcakes and tsokolate :)
(with orange marmalade or raspberry jam)

P.S. Right after I uploaded this post, I snacked on toasted wheat bread with cheese. :D

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