Wednesday, February 29, 2012

other February food & cooking experiments

steak (seasoned with this steak & chops spice we got from Momma)
& mixed fruits for dessert

pork barbecue served with tofu with peanut-ginger sauce

chicken adobo (I used a different recipe this time) na nilagyan ko ng saba

chicken karaage from the supermarket

(didn't turn out as good as I hoped, but well, you can't go wrong with bacon!)

sweet & sour pork, using Momma's recipe

pork sinigang (used a sinigang with gabi mix)

beef with broccoli, enoki mushrooms & garlic stalks

homemade burgers

grilled salmon & vegetables, with miso soup
for the 2 lower pieces of salmon, I used this Asian grilled salmon recipe 

canned Thai mangoes for dessert
(we ate these with cream)

parmesan-crusted chicken with blanched broccoli

spaghetti bolognese
(we were able to buy tomato paste from a Filipino store)

seafood paella

macaroni bolognese (using leftover sauce) with garlic bread

sardines with onions, which we had with cucumber-tomato salad

tempura from 7-11 :)

nakabili rin kami ng misua so I made almondigas (using Momma's recipe)

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