Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February breakfasts and snacks

Making mornings and snack time fun! :)

nilagang saba

ham & 2-cheese pizza

Bourbon biscuits
(parang digestive with chocolate)

cinnamon-flavored french toast
(click the photo to link to the recipe I used)

microwaved popcorn during Valentine's Day movie night in the apartment :D 
oven toastered supermarket-bought ham & cheese pizza

leftover Anthony's pepperoni pizza from Kuya G & Ate R's baby shower

trying out strawberry milk
(found it too sweet)

toast with butter/cream cheese & mango jam

(clockwise from top-left: with bananas, with strawberries, with bananas & strawberries, with walnuts)

mixed nuts
(check out the huge cornick!)

toast with butter/cream cheese & blueberry jam

salami & green pepper pizza

chocolate chip cookies! :9

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