Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March food: Week 3

hotdog & cheese (& green pepper) pizza

(first heard of this from my friend Jill, and she shared a simple recipe; I used a different one, though)

chicken arroz caldo with hard-boiled egg
(based on this recipe & my mother-in-law's recipe)

Lucky Me Pancit Canton (kalamansi flavor)

pork with eggplants & tofu
(using this recipe, except I halved the amount of eggplants, doubled the pork, and added tofu)

oven toastered supermarket-bought margherita pizza



pork sisig with egg (using Mama Sita sisig mix)

 salami & cheese sandwich with cucumber sticks

beef & 3-mushroom stroganoff (I used this recipe)
shiitake mushrooms, cremini mushrooms & button mushrooms

 cucumber sticks with mayo-ketchup dip

microwaved takoyaki from the konbini

canned sardines from the 100-yen store

canned fruit cocktail


Pokemon instant noodle soup :D

pork sinigang (using Mama Sita sinigang mix)

oranges+frosted cornflakes+honey+yogurt

Sunday tabehodai dinner at Kusina ni Sarah
L-R (top): chicken sopas & paksiw na pata
L-R (bottom): laing, okoy, ginisang ampalaya & bopis
(the tabehodai set included 1 complimentary non-alcoholic drink so I had a glass of orange juice)
turon & camotecue for dessert

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