Tuesday, June 19, 2012

wind engineering

Sometime late last year, I got to visit the wind engineering laboratory in my husband's school. Ronjie toured me around the lab, showed me his experiment model (not posting photos of it here, though - sikreto pa muna yon - until Ronjie's dissertation is published) and explained the functions of the various testing machines, etc. It was a different, cool experience!

My husband is studying wind engineering, the structural field of wind engineering. To explain more about wind engineering, I was supposed to link you to this article in Malaya (a local newspaper) where a representative of RWDI (the top wind engineering firm in the world) was interviewed, but when I checked the link, I found it inaccessible. :( Should have saved a screenshot of the page or should not have procrastinated in writing this entry. (Almost a year! Hehe.) Still, here's the link to the Malaya article:  http://www.malaya.com.ph/aug26/envi1.html - I hope it goes up again soon.

To make up for the lost link, here's another link instead... to my husband's blog post (which was also my source of the Malaya article), where he has a short introduction to wind engineering and where he also writes about its importance and relevance in the Philippine setting. Check it out, here!

Oh, and enjoy the photos! :)

one end of a small wind tunnel

the other end of the wind tunnel

a small wind tunnel

earthquake simulator?

tornado simulator

Cool stuff, huh?

By the way, it's my husband's birthday today, June 20. Happy birthday, dear! :) I'm so proud of you. :)

Calvin and Hobbes 111221

Unlike Calvin, our son is lucky - his dad knows how to correctly answer the load limit determination query. :D

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