Monday, June 11, 2012

Mr. Owl 120609

I've been gone from Japan for 2 weeks now, but happy that Ronjie updates me on how things are there. He sent me this photo of Mr. Owl, taken last Saturday, so I could also update you all about their situation. :D New flowers have been planted and Mr. Owl & Ms. Duck were moved a bit to the side. Hehe. Ang cute nila. Hello, Summer! :)

photo by Ronjie

In other news, Hugh Jackman received a special Tony Award last night for his "contributions to the Broadway community, both as a performer and humanitarian; his tireless dedication to charitable works of many types; and his personal generosity of spirit." His wife, who hates public speaking, surprised him by presenting the award! Aww! ♥ This is his acceptance speech.

I miss my husband more now. :/ Anyway, have a great week everyone! :) I have a lot of blog backlog, working on them this week. Will be posting antedated (hehe! :D) blog entries and photos in the coming days. :)

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