Friday, September 30, 2011

pancakes & snacks

Korean pancakes
Still wasn't over the yummy savory pancakes we had at a Korean restaurant last month so I googled a recipe so I could make them at home. I picked one from, but wasn't exactly happy with the results. Found the batter too watery which made the pancakes take too long to cook. :( Taste-wise, the pancakes were fine. The batter was too much though--we ended up making 4 or 5 pancakes--nakakasawa na yung lasa after a while. Some photos:

first pancake was thick
I don't remember how long it took to finish cooking this.

second or third - thinner now

last pancake - Ronjie cooked this one

Breakfast pancakes
topped with some chocolate confetti thing Ronjie brought back from Amsterdam

cheese pancakes!
I just poked in bits of cheese while the pancake was cooking on the first side.

Other snacks this month
soft Oreos with lemon-ice cream filling
(didn't really like it)

sausage-flavored Doritos from the 100-yen store

this tasted like Choc-Nut

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