Thursday, May 31, 2012

other May food

We introduced our silog + hash brown series with cornedbeefsilog last month. This month, we're starting off with longsilog! (using Pampanga's Best longganisa)

 with carrots because Ronjie was able to buy carrots on sale :D
fill the bag with all the carrots and/or potatoes you can and everything is just ¥200!


Meiji chocolate-coated rice crispies snack?

on most days, breakfast is toast with assorted jams
top: mango jam
bottom: blueberry jam

tinolang manok with pechay and potatoes
(using Connie Veneracion's recipe)

Peanuts Choco

carbonara (with mushrooms)
I ♥ bacon

my plate on top, Ronjie's at the bottom
(I don't like my egg runny)

this looks oily and unappetizing, but it tasted really good!

 peanut butter toast + apples

sweet & savory grilled chicken - we ate this with rice
(I also used some of this for grilled chicken wraps)

honeydew melon

beef caldereta

some corn snack

coconut biscuits

tortang talong (with ground pork)
(using a recipe from Connie Veneracion)

(this is the best of the mugcakes I've made!)

fried sausages with hash browns
I think I over-fried the sausages. Their skins broke already. :/

microwaved sausages with nori-rice

Doritos - taco flavor

pork asado (with spinach in oyster sauce)
(the pork asado I had left over, I added to my hawaiian fried rice)

sinigang na salmon sa miso

mixed fruits

Koka spicy black pepper instant noodles
(I first heard about them here.)
A&W gave us a whole stash of Koka instant noodles when they visited. :D

Cajun chicken fillets with ranch dressing + corn on the cob

lumpiang shanghai (using leftover siomai filling) + cucumber-onion-tomato salad

fried pork chops
pag tinatamad magluto

raspberry Kit Kat
didn't like this

beef pie which I had on Flight CX905 (HKG-MNL leg)
(forgot to take a photo of my food on the HND-HKG flight)

Manang L's patola with misua

Manang L's tinolang manok with sayote, potatoes & malunggay leaves

Parang namimiss ko na magluto.

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