Saturday, July 21, 2012


Fifth anniversary today! -- of our first official date. :) (Ronjie & I had lunch & dinner a couple of times before, but I didn't consider them dates.) And after 5 years, we've been married a year already, with baby on the way. It's been wonderful. Thank you, Lord. :)

Anyway, on our first wedding anniversary 7 months ago (delayed blog post again :D), we were blessed to both be in Manila, together, to celebrate. We went to mass in the same church where we first met and were married in and got a special blessing from the presiding priest after. :)

Our Lady of Pentecost Church, near Katipunan Ave., Q.C.

Then dinner date in a nearby Chinese restaurant. ♥
We had been looking for a Chinese restaurant in Japan which served Peking duck (Beijing duck?) but couldn't find any. So we told ourselves we'd have our Peking duck fix when we vacation in Manila for the holidays, and we did! Hah!

We ordered some dim sum and half a Peking duck, which we requested to be served 3 ways (a tip which I got from here). Before, I only knew of Peking duck served 2 ways.

the soup made with duck bones, etc. was really flavorful

Took home the leftover soup, and still enjoyed it for the next couple of days.

We were so full after dinner and couldn't think of anything else to do but head straight back home, where we quietly spent the rest of the night just lounging. :D Already looking forward to our second wedding anniversary in 5 months' time. This time we'll be celebrating with our son (who's coming in a few weeks). Yay!

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