Sunday, July 31, 2011

July kitchen creations

 chicken tocino, using my mother-in-law's recipe

pork, carrots and bean sprouts stir-fry

blanched cauliflower with Japanese mayo

fried fish fillet which fell apart :D

sinigang na baboy (we're experimenting with different cuts of meat)

vanilla ice cream with bananas and peanut butter

fried chicken, using a recipe from

with pineapple coleslaw (recipe from again)

and Mang Tomas! :)

lunch for one: ham, cheese and coleslaw sandwich

sausages with scrambled eggs with onions and tomatoes

ham, cheese and potato chip sandwich

pork adobo (with onions)

almondigas (Momma's recipe)
(medyo natuyuan na 'to :D)

sinigang na fish fillet sa bayabas
(no photo of the dish, sorry)

beef bulgogi, using a Mark Bittman recipe sent by Momma

fried fish fillet

sausages, sinangag and scrambled eggs

birthday noodles!

beef caldereta (using Mama Sita's caldereta mix)

nilagang manok (based on a recipe)

burgers at home - Ronjie ate his with rice

I had mine with white bread

fried chicken fillets

fried Panko-coated eggplants
(this was a failure - I made too much it became tiring to eat)

And... here's some Garfield! This is yesterday's strip:

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