Sunday, July 31, 2011

other July food

Breakfast cereal, something familiar. Clover Chips (from Ajian Bussan). Yakisoba with Japanese mayo (a first for me). Philippine mangoes on sale at ¥105/piece! Cakes from the konbini - regular sponge cake and green tea sponge cake. Some powdered snack drink/meal from A-san, pasalubong from his trip to China. Nata de coco jelly snack. Strawberry milk cookie. Pearl milk tea from the Chinese grocery downtown. Tea from the cupboard. Custard jelly/pudding (I was looking for leche flan). Lucky Me instant pancit canton (from Ajian Bussan). Yakult from the vending machine. Stroopwafels which Ronjie brought home from his Amsterdam trip a couple of weeks ago. Another grain snack thing from Amsterdam. Canned peaches. Instant noodle soup. Pancit and kare-kare from Kuya G and Ate R. Hazelnut paste from Amsterdam. Strawberry & Hazelnut KitKat. Cookies & Cream KitKat. Ronjie's order of breaded chicken (or pork?) curry. My birthday (cold) ramen.

Busog July. Thank you, Lord, for the good food. :)

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  1. uy masarap yung stroopwafels! natry ko na rin yan! :D

    penge all flavors ng kitkat sa oct. :D