Thursday, July 7, 2011

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Let me introduce you to 3 (4?) in our current one.

the vending machine refill-er
Vending machines on every other street corner are a very common sight in Japan.

I actually don't know who this is. The neighborhood spray-er, perhaps?
 Caught this guy walking around the apartment compound one afternoon, spraying some stuff on the ground using his backpack sprayer contraption thing. Maybe pest control? 

friendly neighborhood garbage collectors
These guys are our Thursday garbage collectors. (Took these photos of them just earlier today!) We segregate our garbage here and each type of trash has a designated day of disposal. Today, Thursday, it's cans, PET containers, glass and metals. The collecting truck is different each day, depending on what kind of garbage is for collection, though I don't think the guys are the same ones who come to get the garbage every day.

Here's an illustration of the garbage segregation scheme here, from the pamphlet guide for Filipinos Ronjie got when he first arrived in Atsugi:
notice the text in Filipino (Tagalog) :D

By the way, I'm continuing with FreeCell again and just finished game 779 this afternoon. My current goal is to finish game 1,000 by yearend. :) Looks very possible! :)

Here's some stuff to occupy yourself with:

Watch this video by Giniling Festival. Official music video of 'Hipon'. My brother is in it! :D

Check out Hugh Laurie (Dr. House) for L'Oreal for Men in this online video-

New marine species have been found in the Philippines! Read more about it here. Cool photos!

A chocolate printer now exists!

News on lower priced IKEA items!

Happy Thursday! :)

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