Wednesday, August 31, 2011

cooking with instant spice mixes

They make cooking so much easier! And now I can cook semi-"exotic" dishes. :)
(Mom, don't worry, we use them only once in a while. I cook fresh and from scratch most of the time.)

Ronjie came home from the supermarket with these packets of instant spices, ¥98 each!

This is our herb-grilled salmon which I paired with ginger-marinated cucumbers:

Then we made paella in our rice cooker! How wonderful is that?! It's just rice, chicken which I boiled then fried a bit, some small chorizo-like wieners and red & green bell peppers. The paella was good. Not restaurant-grade, but good enough for us to want to make it again. Will try other "fillings" next time... maybe seafood?

And tandoori chicken! Which I burnt. :D I used this same tandoori powder for the mustard-tandoori chicken nuggets which I made for lunch on another day. (Will share photos & the recipe in the next blog post.)

(Served the tandoori chicken with cream cheese, by the way. Masarap naman.)

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