Wednesday, August 31, 2011

other August food

This is a photo-heavy post.

Onigiri from the supermarket. Didn't know what the filling was when we bought it. I picked this over the others just because orange appealed to me that time.
The filling was tuna. Next time I'll try a different one.

Beef picadillo (my mother-in-law's yummy recipe), 2 ways:
as a soup

mixed with rice
Chicken, bean sprouts, carrots, cabbage and enoki stir-fry (this is similar to the pork stir-fry I made last month except that now I used chicken)

Italian chicken adobo (chicken adobo with tomatoes)

Quick lunch: pasta, canned tuna, carrots, mushrooms and parmesan

HLC sandwich (ham, lettuce and cheese)

Banana pancakes for breakfast. Just popped in some banana bits while the pancakes were cooking on the first side.

Instant ramen

McDonald's Shaka Shaka Chicken

Blanched broccoli

IKEA hotdogs with fried egg
top is mine (I don't like my yolk runny); bottom is Ronjie's

Homemade garlic bread with sausages

Fried chicken with Japanese mayo and blanched carrots & asparagus

Ampalaya with egg (based on this recipe from, now, except I used ground pork instead of dried shrimps)

Mustard-tandoori chicken nuggets (recipe here - site is in French; use Google Translate)

They were good! We used mayonnaise as a dipping sauce.

Chinese dumplings and noodle soup. Bought some pork & cabbage dumplings from the Chinese grocery downtown. Boiled them then added them to a soup I made by with some garlic, onions and chicken chunks. Added some noodles which I had leftover from when I cooked almondigas.

package of dumplings and the noodles I used (misua sana kaso wala akong mahanap dito)
Taco salad made with beef (with powdered taco mix) lettuce, tomatoes, cheese cubes (we don't have a good grater) and Doritos

IKEA meatballs with fritessaus (which Ronjie brought home from McDonald's Amsterdam)

Stir-fried bean sprouts, spinach and enoki mushrooms

Chicken breast adobo with broccoli

Chicken, spring garlic and eryngii mushrooms stir-fry (recipe here, but I substituted gochujang for hot chili soy paste)

Ending this with some Garfield :D

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