Tuesday, August 23, 2011

food stalls galore

This is a photo-heavy post.

August is festival season in Japan! There was a street parade and a lot of food stalls in downtown Atsugi a couple of weeks ago. Ronjie and I just got surprised one day when we saw all these stalls everywhere. I don't really know what was being celebrated or what the occasion was but I enjoyed observing all the mass food production going on. :D

This is an okonomiyaki stall. Snapped the most photos here but didn't buy from them. Ehehe. Can be shameless sometimes. :D

Takoyaki up next! Was tempted to buy but didn't.

Shawarma! Eto, bumili na talaga kami. We asked the guy if he had a place (restaurant or something) in Atsugi. He didn't daw; he just comes over when he's invited for events like this. Check out his cool wheels. It's a real vehicle!

chicken shawarma (naubusan kami ng beef)

It wasn't just all food stalls, there were some game & prize stalls too. Like this turtle one. Not exactly sure what you have to do here though.

That's it. :)


  1. ang cute ng turtles! ano yan, for sale as pets?

  2. yeah, i think so. in another festival maliliit na goldfish naman yung ganito. :)