Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bousai no Oka Park

Last Sunday, we biked to nearby (30 minutes) Bousai no Oka Park for 11:00am mass with other church community members from our neighboring Kanagawa parishes. The mass was concelebrated by 6 priests (or 8?) from the Atsugi, Yamato, etc. churches.

Mass was held at Seasonable Hill.

setting up

We were told to bring lunch. After mass we picnicked. :9

(photo from Kuya D)

A group of Latino singers performed while we were lunching.

The church leaders prepared some games for the afternoon, so we could get to know people from the other communities.

There was dancing too.

I enjoyed sky- and cloud-watching. :)

The weather was perfect.

The Latinos jamming on a park bench.

pine tree!

now empty stage

There even was a mini bird zoo in the park! Took shots of the peacocks. :)

I hope your weekend went well, too! :)

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