Saturday, October 15, 2011

other October food (1 of 2)

Rice with bean sprouts and cucumbers, which we ate with leftover chicken adobo :)

Chicken tinola with zucchini and celery

Spaghetti with meatballs. My second attempt at spaghetti--better this time. Yay!

Ramen lunch at restaurant downtown
clockwise from top-left: my regular ramen, R's regular miso ramen,
O-san's spicy miso ramen, pork dumplings and fried rice

Shanghai-style pork and bean sprouts

Mayonnaise-marinated grilled chicken. This was yummy, soft, and not dry! :9

Ground pork menudo with hard-boiled eggs (I based it on this recipe)

Muesli and sugar-frosted cornflakes (and bananas!) for breakfast

Tenya tendon for Saturdate night earlier this evening 

Still date night-high... here's a Mutts comic strip to end this post. :) Have a good next half of October!

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