Monday, October 31, 2011

other October food (2 of 2)

My husband's chicken adobo  + shredded greens on the side

Chicken with beans and capers

Instant ramen

Kit Kat which tasted like mocha

Black cookies and white chocolate

Instant udon

Steak dinner at Kuya G & Ate R's home (with baked potatoes and mushrooms a la pobre) and brownies for dessert!

Korean beef stir-fry

ginataang bilo-bilo in Teacher P's home

Tomato and sausage soup (recipe from Good Housekeeping, October 2008)

Popcorn from Teacher P

Connie Veneracion's chicken, corn and macaroni soup

Pork adobo + boiled okra

Leftover pork adobo + salad from the konbini

breakfast at Narita airport

lunch on flight PR431
pancit salad, bread & butter, chocolate pound cake slice, a choice of chicken or beef with rice
(I got chicken,  Ronjie got beef)

Back in Manila! Halloween dinner at Banapple with Tita O.
(clockwise from top-left: lasagna roll-ups, banoffee pie slice, strawberry cheesecake, apple pie) 

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