Monday, December 4, 2017

32 Lunches - Day 4, Dec. 3: Pho Kinh Do’s mango salad + vermicelli bowl

We had Sunday lunch out as we came from R’s company’s children’s Christmas party in the morning. His company sponsored a movie for the kids (“The Star”) and Santa Claus came to distribute presents for the kids. Pho Kinh Do is one of the many Vietnamese restaurants/ neighborhood pho joints in Guelph. Vietnamese were one of the first Asian immigrants in Guelph (they started coming in during the time of the Vietnam War over 30 years ago). If in other Canadian cities the Asian supermarkets are owned by Chinese, in Guelph the Asian groceries are Vietnamese-owned. The many neighborhood family-owned pho restaurants usually serve Vietnamese and Thai food. I love pho (noodle soup is a comfort food) so I’m really happy that there’s always a place just around the corner where I can get my pho fix. I usually order pho, but for Sunday lunch I got a grilled pork + minced shrimp + spring roll vermicelli bowl for myself and shared a mango salad with R who got a plate of seafood pad thai for himself. My elder son A got a vermicelli bowl too, and we just gave N the youngest a little bit of what each of us got.

mango salad with shrimp

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