Monday, May 23, 2011

Japan, Day 10

(May 22)

Sundate! :)

We started the day with champorado breakfast then prepared to go to Tokyo for the noon mass in Meguro. One hour fifteen minute bus and train trip. After mass, Ronjie brought me to an Italian eat-all-you-can restaurant in a mall near the Meguro station. JPY1,200 for 60 minutes. Good food. The pair in the table beside ours was Pinoy. :) But they were speaking in a dialect I couldn't understand.

plate 2 of x
The pork and mushroom pasta was really yummy.

plate 4 of x
Their pizza was very good too. Sarap ng crust!

iced tea

what's this?

flowers! :)
Spring is great!

flowershop in the mall

one of the sights from the train on the way back to Atsugi

Back in Atsugi, we checked out this huge store (4-floor building) which sold secondhand items. Everything you could think of - clothes, electronics, furniture, etc. Saw a lot of cool stuff there! And I got out of the store happy with the new-old Swatch Ronjie bought me. Super cheap! And it looks brand-new! After, grocery date and our weekly visit to the 100-yen store. (We love it there!) :)

Mexican travel guitar - cool, huh? (I wanted to buy this.)

Family Computer! It works pa!

dessert of fresh strawberries from the grocery :9

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