Tuesday, May 31, 2011

other food we've been eating this month

home-cooked sinigang na salmon sa miso, using Knorr Sinigang Mix

custard (leche flan!) and tiramisu KitKat
I love how there's a variety of KitKat flavors in Japan!

Ronjie cooks pork steak for us
no kalamansi in Japan so he uses bottled 100% lemon juice

we had canned laing (ordered from Ajian Bussan) and banana with the pork steak

chicken teriyaki pizza
we often have oven toaster-ed pizza for breakfast:)
The Japanese are big on corn, they have it on a lot of their food.

chicken afritada (na mukhang natuyuan na naman, ehehe)
I used Del Monte Quick n Easy Afritada Sauce.
(What would I do without those instant mixes & sauces?!)

strawberry yogurt :)

we always have chocolate chip cookies in the apartment :9
best with warm milk :)

black cookie KitKat
tastes like Oreo cookies! :)

beef with broccoli from scratch! (using a recipe from homecookingrocks.com)
and Knorr Nido Oriental Style soup :D (just add one egg! plok!)

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