Monday, May 23, 2011

Japan, Day 9

(May 21)

The world hasn't ended yet + my lolo is 87 today! Happy Birthday, Papa Cel! :)

While the family back in Manila was celebrating my grandfather's 87th birthday with dinner out, Ronjie and I had dinner out too. He brought me to Gusto, a Western-style family restaurant, which was just a 5-minute walk from our place. O-san and A-san joined us for dinner. :)

the katakana reads "ga-su-to"

this was what I got - a mozzarella cheese-filled burger :D

the salad that came with the set meal R ordered

my order :)

cheese! :9

In other news, I learned verb tenses in Nihongo class today. One-on-one with sensei because my 2 classmates (a German guy and a Bangladeshi girl) were MIA.

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