Saturday, May 28, 2011

isaw baboy in Atsugi

For dinner last night, we tried this yakiniku place recommended by O-san: だるま (Daruma home/house). O-san also accompanied and did the ordering for us. The place's specialty was ホルモン (horumon) a.k.a. isaw baboy. :D

Everything was good. I loved the freshness of the meat and vegetables. Ended the evening lip-licking busog-ly happy. :)

Daruma home/house

red lanterns outside
Red lanterns are usually displayed outside an izakaya, a popular, informal, casual "Japanese drinking establishment which also serves food to accompany the drinks."

O-san & R-love busy with the menu

pillow design

collapsible low tables

tuna salad to start off the evening

gyuuniku (beef) and toriniku (chicken)

beef, chicken and squid

assorted veggies

dipping sauces

butaniku (pork), butatan (pork tongue) and tamanegi (onions)

horumon (pig's large intestines) and chicken thigh fillets

more horumon shots

chewy and tasty! :9

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