Friday, May 27, 2011

Save Our Reefs, Save Our Turtles, Save Our Corals

Sumakit yung puso ko pagkatapos panoorin yung GMA video. :'( This hits stronger than the documentary "The Cove" (see related blog post here) as the recent crackdowns on the illegal trade of endangered sea turtles and black corals (among others) took place in my home, ang Pilipinas kong mahal.

There is a need to protect the biodiversity in the planet and respect the balance in our ecosystem. And again, there is still so much we can learn from these "lowly" organisms. We probably consider them such because of them being in the lower level of the food chain, or, more appropriately in this case, in the bottom level of the economic chain. The Huffington Post article lets us know of recent developments in medical research: important new (life-saving) drugs have been discovered from coral reefs. [I have some friends in the UP Marine Science Institute doing research also related to this - which only shows the great potential of knowledge (and life-saving whatnot) our coral reefs can offer us.] In the end, the seemingly lower life-forms may be the ones in the top of the survival chain all this time.

Protect biodiversity. Respect the balance in our ecosystem. Save our endangered marine life. I pray that this is the end of "the rape of the ocean."

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