Saturday, May 21, 2011

Japan, Day 1

(May 13)

Headed downtown today to take care of immigration-related documents. First stop was the city hall to register for my alien card and get health insurance. Ronjie's colleague was nice enough to help us through the process. Also visited to the nearest immigration office (just a train ride away) to get my re-entry permit.

pretty spring/summer flowers along a sidewalk in downtown Atsugi

Lunch break when we got to the immigration office in Kawasaki, so we had lunch too while waiting. McDonald's! :D

Ronjie had a Mega Mac

I had the Salt & Lemon Chicken Burger. It was YUM! :9

More pretty flowers! This is in Ronjie's old neighborhood. I hung out in his previous apartment while he went to school/work.

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