Monday, April 30, 2012

パリワール Indian Restaurant

For Saturdate dinner last weekend, we tried an Indian restaurant downtown: Pariwar (Parivaar?). The place is located on the 2nd floor of a building near the Hon-Atsugi Bus Center. Seating area was for maybe around 20-25 people. We got there at around 6, for quick early dinner. (We had to be done before 7, to make it to the anticipated mass in Atsugi Catholic Church which was a 5-10-minute walk from the restaurant.) There were 6 customers already by the time we arrived; we picked to sit a booth by the window.

restaurant interiors
(pink walls & upholstery + Indian paintings + black lace curtains/booth dividers + an Indian flag)

window curtains: white lace cloth + strung seashells

We shared 2 set meals:
~ salad + keema curry + vegetable curry + chicken tikka + naan + dessert + drink
~ salad + mutton curry + naan + drink

mango lassi


assorted curry + chicken tikka set

mutton curry set

We shared the dessert which came with the first set meal. It was bite-sized mixed fruits (fruit cocktail?) with plain yogurt and mango syrup.

Our food arrived fast (we didn't have to wait long) and we finished eating quickly, too. And we made it to church in time for mass!


It was a different experience this time since we ordered ala carte. The first time I tried an Indian restaurant in Atsugi it was a tabehodai dinner with a group of ~10 people. Can't say which of the 2 restaurants served better-tasting food, parang pareho lang. :D

By the way, here are Pariwar's contact details and menu:

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