Monday, April 30, 2012

other April meals and kitchen experiments

breaded chicken fillets + cucumber sticks

pork sisig + pinakbet
check out the eggplant we used!
mutant eggplant for ¥250

chicken 1-2-3 + lettuce-orange-cucumber salad

ready-to-eat fried chicken from the supermarket + heat-then-eat chicken teriyaki pizza +...
...ready-to-eat fresh spring rolls :)

ham and cheese sandwich with potato chips

Spam, scrambled eggs, and hash browns

spaghetti with meatballs with crackers+cream cheese

(Apparently, beef misono is not an authentic Japanese dish. Beef misono was invented by the Philippine food chain Tokyo Tokyo.)

ham-egg-cheese-tomato sandwich

fried squid with grilled eggplants & okra with tomatoes+onions+bagoong alamang

fried chicken from the supermarket again, this time with sliced cucumbers on the side :)


corned beef with fried egg and hash browns

ham-egg-lettuce-cheese sandwich

this doesn't look anything like the photo in the recipe I followed :/

pork longganisa :D

the beef looks pale here

Asian orange chicken with lettuce on the side
Ronjie ate this with the chicken wrapped in the lettuce

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