Monday, April 30, 2012

Chapel of The Good Shepherd

Yesterday was Good Shepherd Sunday, the 4th Sunday of Easter. And, two Saturdays ago was my first time to enter a multi-denominational church. I first saw the Chapel of The Good Shepherd in NAF Atsugi last July but didn't get the chance to go inside then. Now, last April 21, we were invited to the baptism of little R, Kuya G & Ate R's daughter. The baptism took place during the anticipated mass that afternoon.

Some photos of the chapel:
(the first 7 photos were taken last summer; the latter 3, this spring)

traditional Japanese architecture

there's a tree in front of the chapel which gives shade to the graves (or maybe just memorials) of some late members of the NAF Atsugi community

not sure if this is his grave or if this is just a memorial

inside the chapel - the altar

the crucifix

Easter candle and Mother Mary in the background

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