Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yasukuni Shrine

For the second part of our Tokyo trip, we visited the Yasukuni Shrine, which was just across the road.

It was both our first time in the Yasukuni Shrine and it was just cool to find out that Japan's largest torii was found there! The steel Daiichi Torii stands at around 25 meters tall.
entrance to Yasukuni Shrine - the Daiichi Torii

second torii - the Daini Torii

this temizuya is made of granite

the shinmon (main gate) is 6 meters tall and is made of hinoki cypress
(the 2 doors each bear a 1.5-meter Chrysanthemum Crest--the Imperial Seal of Japan)

third torii - the Chumon Torii


haiden (main prayer hall)

the Chumon Torii is made of cypress

Nogakudo (Noh theater)

the Daini Torii is the largest bronze torii in Japan

weeping sakura

food stalls!



grilled stuff

grilled seafood

I got buttered potato balls for ¥400

3 cheese sticks for ¥500 - expensive!

Japanese pancakes

We headed home a bit past 4 in the afternoon so as not to join in the Tokyo rush hour.
Kudanshita station entrance

It was a good day. Medyo nakakapagod lang ang lakaran but if I had to do it all over again, I would. Next year? :)

Yasukuni Shrine

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