Saturday, April 7, 2012

weekend food trip

Camp Zama food trip! Left the apartment at around 11 in the morning and headed to Camp Zama to check out the food in their Cherry Blossom Festival. But what we were really after was the Pinoy barbecue being sold by the Fil-Am Navy association. Got to the base before noon, just in time for lunch!

festival grounds

cherry trees in bloom

food stalls galore!

Pinoy barbecue! :9

nachos and cheese with jalapenos

hotdog sandwich + potato chips

we picnicked under a cherry tree :)

chicken barbecue from the Balinese stall

mie goreng

Russian sausage

a pinch of funnel cake

By around 3, we were already stuffed so we walked around and checked out the other activities and attractions.

Saw some people dressed in medieval costumes.

There also was a flea market.

And there was an area for the kids.

rodeo-like ride

I think this is the inflatable castle.
It's like an enclosed trampoline where kids just jump and jump until they tire themselves out.

giant velcro wall

We didn't stay for the fireworks anymore and left the place at around 4.
cherry trees we saw during the walk back to the gate

took home a box of pepperoni pizza :D

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