Monday, April 30, 2012

cajun buttermilk chicken

Dahil natakam ako sa grilled cajun buttermilk chicken lunch which my friend Idda, the condo chef, posted in her blog, I immediately added it to our weekly menu and planned to make it soon. Contacted Idda for the recipe--which she happily gave--and scheduled my grocery trip to get the ingredients I didn't have yet. Idda also mentioned deep-frying the chicken (instead of grilling) if I wanted it crunchy so I tried both. :D

Ronjie picked grilled so we tried the grilled version first, and left the remaining chicken pieces to marinate some more, to be fried for lunch the next day.

grilled cajun buttermilk chicken with boiled corn and carrots

(not deep-)fried cajun buttermilk chicken with lettuce-cucumber-tomato salad

Between grilled or fried, Ronjie & I preferred the grilled version, mas malasa kasi. I guess during the frying process, a lot of the seasonings get dispersed with the oil and so part of the cajun flavor is lost.

Yummy lunch for 2 days! Thanks, Idda! :)

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