Saturday, April 14, 2012

hanami along the Chidorigafuchi moat

Ronjie scheduled a hanami (flower viewing) date for us, so he took Easter Monday off from school/work and we spent the day in Tokyo.

Since the place we were visiting didn't have a picnic area, I prepared Spam musubi for our baon.
easy to eat while standing or even while walking!

We took the train to Tokyo for cherry blossom viewing along the Chidorigafuchi moat.

the scene upon getting out of the Kudanshita station

the moat's shape supposedly resembles a chidori (plover bird)

sakura along the entrance to Kitanomaru Park

spot my husband!

more sakura on the paved path along the moat

Boats are available for rent for ¥800/30 minutes or ¥1600/hour, during sakura season.
On other days, boat rental fees are ¥500 or ¥1000, respectively.

a kind stranger took our photo

boat dock


The Indian Embassy was nearby and there was an ongoing Sakura Festival. We went in to check it out.
lots of stuff for sale - we didn't buy anything though

That afternoon, we also visited the Yasukuni Shrine. Will be blogging about that in the next post. :)

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