Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 5 stroll

Walked to Ronjie's school today para guluhin siya for a merienda date with my husband and to exercise a bit. Loved all the flowers I saw along the way.


orange tree

flowers in a cute spotted dog planter

pansies in pots on someone's front steps

more flowers in planters

passed by Ronjie's old apartment complex

more pansies

main entrance to Ronjie's school

cherry tree

cherry blossoms

pink camelias

plum tree?

red camelias

magnolia tree from a distance

another cherry tree--this one was more in bloom--along the school perimeter

After we went around the school, we headed to the nearby konbini to buy something to eat.
I wanted brownies but they didn't have any so we settled with "cake doughnuts"

merienda in the park

On the way back home, I passed a different route and spotted more flower varieties.

weeping sakura