Friday, May 25, 2012

inside the Cup Noodles Museum + my own Cup Noodles!

First time in the Cup Noodles Museum yesterday. It was my favorite part of our Yokohama day tour. This museum is different from the Ramen Museum in Shin-Yokohama.

The Cup Noodles Museum is located near Yokohama Bay, across World Porters mall and Cosmo World in Minato Mirai. Entrance fee is ¥500. If you want to make your own cup noodles and/or eat at the noodles bazaar food court, etc., you'll have to shell out more yen on top of the ¥500 entrance fee. They're open until 6:00 p.m. but will accept visitors only until 5:00 p.m.

display of different instant noodles all over the world, since instant noodles were invented in the 1950's

Pilipinas Reprezent! :D

Korean and Indonesian instant noodles

inside a replica of Momofuku's work shed

"Never Give Up!" says Momofuku Ando, the guy who invented instant ramen

Momofuku Ando

the Cup Noodles Factory
I was most excited about this - making my own cup noodles! :D

decorating our cups

Choose your own ingredients!
My Cup Noodles had corn, green onions, garlic & kani, in regular chicken-flavored soup.

sealing the cup

vacuum-sealed Cup Noodles


view of Yokohama Bay from the 3rd floor of the museum
(can you spot the Yokohama Bay Bridge?)

Noodles Bazaar Food Court - which we missed (it closes at 5)

When we got home, we opened and ate our Cup Noodles. :D

Ronjie's had shrimp, cheese, garlic & a pork disk, in chili-tomato soup.

our ¥300 (each) personalized Cup Noodles
(regular Cup Noodles in the supermarket sell for ~¥100)

It's a cool place to bring visiting friends and/or kids. Next time, we'll come earlier so we can still enjoy the other facilities and attractions inside the museum.

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