Sunday, May 20, 2012


Our friends A & W were honeymooning in Japan; we met up with them as soon as they arrived and accompanied them on a day tour of Tokyo.

We started with a trip to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, which had a wonderful view of the city.

view of Shinjuku from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

the Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower

Humping Dog USB drive in the gift shop @_@

Then we headed to Shibuya to say hi to Hachiko.

bought some soy milk tea from Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean was also selling pancakes with filling - but we didn't try any

Hello, Hachiko! :) 

Then Meguro for Sunday noon mass. But first, we had quick early lunch in Matsuya.

forgot what this was but it was a Korean-related dish :D

Meguro church

From Meguro, we took the train to Asakusa where A & W's hotel was located.

Komagata-do Temple
"According to the recorded history of Senso-ji Temple, Komagata-do Hall was built in 942. The principal image is the Buddhist saint Bato Kanzeon. The hall appears in pictures by woodblock artists such as Katsushika Hokusai and Ando Hiroshige. Although it is small, the hall was famous in old Edo (Tokyo). In 1923, it was burnt down during the Great Kanto Earthquake, and it was rebuilt in 1933."

 Doraemon & Ultraman outside the Bandai office

Tokyo Skytree, Asahi Beer Hall & Asahi Flame

the Sanja Matsuri (Sanja Festival) was ongoing when we were there
feet shots! :D
(I sat on the sidewalk because I got tired of standing.)

it was hot so we got some soft-serve ice cream - for ¥300

Off to Odaiba to meet Gundam. (My first time there!)

we took the monorail

the Daikanransha (giant Ferris wheel) in Odaiba


looks-like-a-quill sculpture

Fuji TV Building

Rainbow Bridge and the sun setting

We caught a street performer; watched him for a few minutes.

Rainbow Bridge and a replica of the Statue of Liberty

dinner at Kua Aina

my cheeseburger

Ronjie's avocado burger

Lady Liberty and the Rainbow Bridge at night 

Gundam all lit up - we missed its show though :(


the Daikanransha at night

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